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The Container Lift System is an automated warehouse for (sea) containers. Because import and export take place at night, the system provides a quick transport and registration of containers. This results in short waiting times for the transporter.

The advantages of the Container Lift System: 

1. User-friendly import system.

The employee can independently prepare jobs in the import system.

2. Layout in your house style

The layout, such as the colours of the system, the cat, and the crane, can be provided with your own house style, so the system will feel familiar quickly and look professional.

3. Logfiles are retained.

Every movement automatically performed by the crane is logged. In this way, a history is built up of the route a container follows through the automated area.

4. Flexible set-up layout floor

The layout of the floor can be easily adjusted. This is a pre-set spot in the automated area where containers must be placed.

5. Applicable to various container mats

The system is applicable for containers of 20, 25, 40 and 45 ft.

6. All engineering take place under one roof

Because Torsit has its own programmers, electrotechnical and mechanical engineers, everything happens under one place (so no third parties).

7. System makes back-ups. 

The system makes a back-up on your own server or in the cloud (for example) every night.

8. Crane has brand-independent components

Torsit is brand independent, which means that we can apply components of all manufacturers.

9. Can be linked to own CRM system.

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Video Container Lift System

In this video, we will show how the Container Lift System works. You can immediately see the advantages for your company.

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Photo report Container Lift System

A customer asked us to develop a system to place containers (automatically) on the right place. View the report here!

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Do you want more information about the Container Lift System? Contact us without any obligations via: +31 341 - 415 600 or

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